Rock Band School is our version of a team sport, only with guitars and drums. The best way to learn an instrument is to apply the skills and concepts learned in private lessons. Once our students have a firm grasp on the basics of guitar, bass, drums, violin, or keyboards, Rock Band School is the next step. It’s a great motivator to help take a student’s playing to the next level.

Every student enrolled in Rock Band School is assigned to a specific band who will then have a weekly band class/rehearsal at a time that works for you (we have classes 7 days a week). So, students practice with the same band for an hour every week. They learn the many layers that go into playing with a band. Rock Band Classes are led by instructors who have years of experience not only with teaching, but rehearsing and performing with their own professional bands.  

Rock Band Schoolers give several performances throughout the year at a variety of venues to learn the realities of being a working musician.  Many of our shows are fundraisers for local/national organizations. These shows are a great way for us to set goals for our bands and to keep them working together in the most productive manner while realizing that we can make a difference through our music. Not to mention great fun. A Rock Band School show is a perfect family event. Yes, we’ve made rock music into good, clean fun for family and friends!

Students will learn every step of the production process from the class room to the stage. Our students are taught how to be valuable members of a rock band by learning instrumental excellence, note and chart reading, song arrangement and audience interaction. Technical aspects of performance such as sound reinforcement, amplification and acoustics are also areas of focus.

The cost for the Rock Band School is $99 (per band) per month above the cost of private lessons.  There is no contract or long-term commitment.

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