Ann Arbor Native and award winning guitarist, Alex Johnson has played and studied music since 1978. His youth was spent in rock bands and working in recording studios. In 1992 Alex was hired as a guitar instructor in a local music shop. “No one was teaching music. These other instructors just showed their students songs without any technique or music fundamentals”, Alex said in a recent interview.  After years of creating guitar and bass programs it became clear that the next move was to open a music studio of his own design. The goal for the AAMC was to offer a music education experience that was unavailable anywhere else. Students learn best when the lessons are tailored to the goals and learning style of each individual.  Today the Ann Arbor Music Center offers private lessons in a variety of instruments and band classes to students of all ages and all levels of experience.


At the AAMC we go well beyond the garden-variety music lesson. We take our role in each student’s life very seriously. We are here to guide and mentor students in addition to teaching a well-rounded music lesson, rich in music fundamentals, and in both classical and modern techniques.  Our students have opportunities to apply their skills in many settings. Whether music is a hobby or a career goal, we have a program that fits. Alex and Karen have years of experience in finding the right program and the right instructor fit for your individual goals, learning style, personality, and music taste. Just call Karen and she will tell you exactly how we go about that.